Organic Soil Amendments

AgroPlantae’s Organic Soil Amendment products add back depleted natural, plant derived, natural compounds to soil to modify and improve the structure of soil, increasing water uptake and root penetration. Our Organic Soil Amendments gently and effectively condition the soil pH to improve the availability of nutrients in the soil to growing crops.

Plants grow and thrive in soil, but soils change over time, as plants absorb compounds from the earth as they grow, and fertilizer by-products are left in the soil over time. Do not let deteriorating soil quality impede plant growth! To ensure the best crop quality season after season, performing soil conditioning periodically between growing seasons helps maintain the soil in the peak condition to facilitate plant growth.

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Organic Soil Amendments Benefits Include

Improved Soil Structure
Enhanced Microbial Activity
Increased Water and Nutrient Uptake by Plants
Neutralized Soil pH
Reduced Fertilizer Requirements

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