EDDHA Chelated Micronutrients

EDDHA chelating agents protect the metal molecule with six coordinate bonds to prevent disassociation and to ensure that the micronutrient stays in a soluble, available form for uptake by plants.

The high-quality ortho-ortho chelation of our EDDHA Chelated products ensures that metals remain in solution under adverse soil conditions, whereas other chelating agents do not protect metals from disassociating in soils that are alkaline, have calcium carbonates, have excessive slats, or other antagonistic elements.

Make sure the right ratio of macro- and micro-nutrients are provided to the plant with EDDHA chelation! Our EDDHA Chelated Micronutrients can help provide plants with the right balance and the right solution to facilitate their growth and yield.

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EDDHA Chelated Micronutrients Benefits Include

Fast Elimination of Chlorosis
Long Lasting Effect
New Shoot Growth
Increased Fruit Quality
Performance Ensured
Improved High Yield

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