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Plant Extracts

AgroPlantae’s Plant Extracts are proven advanced science solutions for crops. Their application provides optimization of the plants’ growth, involving many plant Bio-synthesis pathways and consequently increasing the efficiency of nutrient absorption, stress responses, and other plant specific functions.

Through evolution plants have developed Natural Activator Bio-synthesis Compounds (NABCs), which help plants survive environmental and physiological stress. By affecting the internal production and regulation of the Bio-synthesis Process, our Plant Extract products help capture Maximum Genetic Yield Potential and the Highest Crop Quality.

The combination of the multiple extracted proprietary NABC compounds is coded based on the substances that activate specific plant functions, such as root initiation, fruit setting, vegetative growth, fruit development, mineral absorption, cell division and cell differentiation.

The health of plants depends also on nutrition, and AgroPlantae Plant Extracts are purposefully formulated with nutrients to protect crops from external stressors. Our Plant Extract products provide nutrients and plant substances aimed at providing solutions for crops using natural, plant-derived plant function promoters.


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Plant Extracts Benefits Include

Healthy Root Development
Mitigates Stress
Builds Resilience
Increases Nutrient Uptake
Improves Water Efficiency
Supports Crops to Reach Maximum Genetic Potential Yield

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