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Organic Plant Extracts

AgroPlantae’s Organic Plant Extracts are a proven technology-focused product family designed with concepts of crop physiology and its interactions with the soil and environment in mind.

The high-quality products feature Natural Activator Bio-synthesis Compounds (NABC) to overcome adverse conditions for plant growth. Created to optimize plant growth via multiple pathways like stress mitigation, crop load support or plant establishment, this product family caters to crop needs in nearly every environmental condition. Each product is formulated to target specific stress factors like heat, salinity, physiological stress, nutritional stress, and other stressors to best support crops to reach their maximum genetic potential. Additionally, the combination of the extracted proprietary NABC compounds is based on the prevalent substances that activate specific plant functions, such as root initiation, fruit setting, vegetative growth, fruit development, mineral absorption, cell division and cell differentiation.

Our Organic Plant Extract products provide the solution to supply plants with natural, plant-derived promoters to activate plant functions in a natural, balance and effective way.


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Organic Plant Extracts Benefits Include

CDFA Organic
Healthy Root Development
Balances Soil Microbiome
Helps Plants Resist Stressors
Improves Crop Quality
Increases Nutrient Uptake
Improves Water Efficiency
Supports Crops to Reach Maximum Genetic Potential Yield

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