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BIO-TRACE™ Organic Complexed Micronutrients

AgroPlantae’s BIO-TRACE™ line of liquid Organic Micronutrients is a full line of micronutrients reacted with a natural organic plant-derived complexing agent. Due to the natural complexing agent, BIO-TRACE™ is safe to apply even on the most tender crops.

BIO-TRACE™ effectively corrects and prevents micronutrient deficiencies so crops may reach their maximum genetic potential. Nutrient uptake is safe, natural, and effective. There is no risk of phytotoxicity, and no undesirable stains left on the fruit, flowers, or leaves.

BIO-TRACE™ micronutrients come in in single-nutrient and nutrient-combination formulations and are available in bulk, 275-gallon totes, and 2×2.5-gal cases.


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Organic Complexed Micronutrients Benefits Include

CDFA Organic
Gentle yet Effective on Leaves, Flowers, and Fruits
No Stains in Fruits, Flowers, Leaves
No Phytotoxicity Risks
Compatible in Tank Mixtures
Increased Yield and Quality
Supports Crops to Reach Maximum Genetic Potential Yield

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