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Liquid NPK Products

AgroPlantae can and has produced many custom liquid NPK blends for our  customers, yet AgroPlantae’s best-selling Liquid NPK products are in-house proprietary formulations.

AgroPlantae has specifically developed K-pHeed™ and KCM-ACID Plus™ using only the highest quality nutrient sources on the market. Each product is formulated to provide maximum availability, whether it is applied on crop foliage or into the soil. Both products feature a high-concentration analysis for potassium and a neutral pH for optimum compatibility and gentle non-phytotoxic applications, even on young foliage. The absence of chlorides, carbonates and sulfates ensures that the product is readily available to crops and works synergistically with the soil and crops to support crop yield at all developmental stages.


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Liquid NPK Benefits Include

CLEAN Formulation
Will Not Leave Undesirable Chemicals in Soil
Neutral pH
Gentle on Foliage
High-Concentration Analysis
Top-Quality Nutrient Sources
Supports Crops to Reach Maximum Genetic Potential Yield

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