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HEXA-TECH™: HPPLAS Micronutrients with Certified Organic Matter

AgroPlantae developed HPPLAS as a system of promoting synergistic plant health and soil health by providing six categories of beneficial plant active ingredients. Using this regenerative agriculture-inspired technology ensures that the soil can retain micronutrients in place for plant roots to absorb as well as provide valuable organic matter for soil microbial health and soil health benefits.

Alternative chelate/complexing agents like HPPLAS technology empower growers to make yield-focused decisions while reducing nonbiodegradable and nonbeneficial substances in the soil like EDTA.

Humic acids serve to complex nutrients, thus enhancing their bioavailability, and to buffer the soil salts that would otherwise have an adverse effect on the soil’s nutrient availability.

Polyphenols, when uptaken by the plant, trigger increased production of phytoalexins that can help the plant overcome stressors such as disease.

Polysaccharides are helpful for facilitating early growth, and also for enhancing fruit quality. Additionally, polysaccharides serve as a food source to soil microbes for microbe vigor and soil health.

Lignins are useful for the plant’s early growth and the differentiation of cells during growth.

Amino Acids are easily absorbed and translocated within the plant and provide the plant with building blocks for making its own proteins and enzymes to react to both biotic and abiotic stresses, as well as providing a food source for soil microbes, which helps to improve soil health.

Seaweed can improve soil structure and feed soil microbes, but also provides natural plant amino acids, proteins, and hormones already synthesized that can be absorbed and translocated within the plant to stimulant plant growth and vigor.

AgroPlantae’s HEXA-TECH™ line combines chelated Micronutrients, Organic Matter, and HPPLAS Plant Active Ingredients to supply missing micronutrients and correct micronutrient deficiencies while improving plant vigor and soil health.


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HPPLAS Micronutrients Benefits Include

Cures Micronutrient Deficiencies
Buffers Soil Salts
Improves Water Infiltration in Soil
Helps Promote Soil Microbial Activity
Improves Protein Synthesis, Growth and Quality
Increases Carbon Fixation and Enhances Growth
Supports Crops to Reach Maximum Genetic Potential Yield

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