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BIO-HEXAL™: Organic Liquid NPKs

AgroPlantae’s BIO-HEXAL™ products form an organic liquid NPK line that includes both Amino Acids and Trace Elements, created with labor savings and high-quality nutrition in mind.

BIO-HEXAL™ products are gentle enough to be sprayed on foliage and strong enough to withstand challenging soil conditions. BIO-HEXAL™ is an excellent supplement to all crop fertility programs focused on providing high-quality nutrition, and BIO-HEXAL™ products proactively protect crops and help them achieve their maximum potential yield.


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Organic Liquid NPK Benefits Include

CDFA Organic
Compatible in Tank Mixes
Balanced Complete Fertilizer
Gentle on Foliage and Roots
Supports Crops to Reach Maximum Genetic Potential Yield

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