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MICROLEAF™: APCA Foliar Complexed Micronutrients

AgroPlantae’s APCA-Complexed MICROLEAF™ Micronutrient products are designed to provide Micronutrients and Secondary Nutrients through biodegradable complexing agents extracted from natural plant tissues. Nutrients in this product line are complexed with a proprietary reaction of complexing agents made from Amino Acids and Polycarboxylic Acid. The natural substances used to create the high-quality APCA complexes in MICROLEAF™ result in formulations featuring a low molecular weight, which easily enter the leaf for fast absorption and assimilation.

MICROLEAF™ APCA-Complexed Micronutrients are available in single-nutrient and nutrient-combination formulations. Another popular APCA-complexed product, CALSET™, provides calcium with a smaller quantity of boron. AgroPlantae’s APCA-Complexed Micronutrients are highly compatible in tank mixtures, are easily absorbed foliarly, and do not leave behind residue on the fruits and leaves.


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APCA Foliar Complexed Micronutrients Benefits Include

Rapid Action
Gentle yet Effective on Leaves, Flowers, and Fruits
No Stains in Fruits and Leaves
Avoids Phytotoxicity Risks
Compatible in Tank Mixtures
Increases Yield and Quality
Supports Crops to Reach Maximum Genetic Potential Yield

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